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If you’re serious about organizational success, Everyone on your team needs to play their part

All of us have been to those meetings where a select few dominate the discussion, while the rest of us check out and leave feeling disengaged.  Not much gets done, and you make no real progress.


Yet, team members who feel heard and valued are much more likely to be loyal, invested in the organization, and produce results.


Organizations that fail to engage their leaders and team can lose money and time in the form of missed opportunities and conflicts.

Create a work culture that gets results and has fun LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

We all want cohesive teams that are committed to success. To do that, you need to ensure each team member feels connected to the big picture by contributing to decision-making.


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method (LSP) is a FUN and powerful tool in ensuring team engagement and 100% participation.


How does this work?

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method (LSP) is a facilitated technique where teams work towards a shared goal through exercises with LEGO® bricks. With research-backed methods, these activities help your team think, communicate and problem solve together in a new and effective way.

Have everyone involved and on board when you want to:

  • Spread brand culture.
  • Imagine future scenarios.
  • Find company purpose.
  • Define brand strategy.
  • Spark innovation.
  • Foster creative thinking.
  • Visualize customer service.
  • Build aligned teams.
  • Design real-time strategy.
  • Imagine/ discover/ design opportunities.

“Future At Play is the first & only LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator in Kenya.”

Organizational change in as little as 1 Day. What results can you expect?

Your team will come up with new ideas and solutions together that could have otherwise taken months or years. The hands-on exercises stimulate larger parts of the brain for greater creativity and innovation.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® will help your team:

  • Find new ways to face challenges, solve them, and move forward.
  • Facilitate thought between members to create a stronger team dynamic.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation for business growth and impact.
  • Help people discover and learn for maximum personal development.
  • Unleash and foster creativity to create impactful solutions.
  • Communicate clearly to inspire others.

I want an Engaged & Cohesive Team!

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