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My Story

Like you, I knew I wanted to do work that brought me joy and mattered for the planet.

That’s why in 2009, I left Canada to join a small solar company with a social mission to electrify homes in Africa. This move led to 12 whirlwind years at fast-growing and innovative companies, which gave me great leadership and management experience that I now use to coach emerging social innovators.

After 12 years in social impact enterprises, I know the challenges.  Having gained a strong understanding of what emerging leaders in Africa face today, I lead with kindness and cultural sensitivity to provide a safe and supportive space.


From starting and growing companies to strategy formulation, business development, capital raising, and even HR management, I experienced it all. And it was challenging work!


I overcame these challenges. And I was successful in my roles. 


But I didn’t do it alone.

No one can.

I learned that guidance and support are crucial for success.

We were able to see success by motivating the team, relying on mentors, and developing both individuals and groups. Yet, I have seen many leaders lack the guidance and support networks to build sustainable success.

This led me to my mission to support social impact leaders in their quest for change. I impart real-world knowledge and guide leaders to find their joy and become individuals who can change the world.

My coaching style is bold and authentic. Plus, I make sure that we have fun along the way!

  • Certified Executive Coach (CEC)
  • Certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator
  • MSc – International Community and Economic Development
  • BA Entrepreneurship and Small Business.

“You can’t do passion halfway. Living your passion means you’re all in. You trust your heart and trust your gut wherever that takes you.” Joe Plumeri


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